“Mamak Landfill Waste Management Project” prevents pollution related with the landfill area, odours and leakage that threatens the health of the people living in the neighborhood while converting the waste of 4 million habitants of Ankara to. Landfill areas emit methane which has 24 times more impact that CO2. This project captures the methane and converts to clean electricity energy.

In addition the project offers regular job opportunities to the people who were scavengers before. Scavengers face many dangers like poisoning, exposure to stay under piles of waste and explosures. Within the project more than 30 scavengers are offered jobs with social security and regular salary as well as more than other 180 job opportunities within different departments

Mamak is one of the first landfill project within Gold Standard also set up a greenhouse which receives energy from the landfill and have a more efficient production.

For more information about project and gold standard processes:

Mamak Project Description
Final Verification Report
Final Validation Report