Climate Volunteers; was founded to raise awareness of small and medium sized corporations and even individuals as well as large corporations and organizations, regarding the level of information on climate change and alter perceptions.

“Climate Volunteers” has started to work to understand our existence’s impact on environment and climate, to learn how to measure these impacts, to be able to talk the same metric language with the World, to learn the measures we can take to decrease our footprint, to be aware of the impacts of different measures, activities and take action about all these issues. You can reach all this information and calculation-evaluation-offsetting services on Climate Volunteers’ website.

The website offers calculation tools were developed according to international standards in a wide perspective.

The Climate Volunteers founder Demir Energy is a consultancy firm composed of experts who have been involved in pioneering projects about climate change, carbon credit development, renewable energy, environment, energy efficiency and energy management in international and local projects. Demir Energy offers high quality services with a holistic approach covering technical, legal, project management, financial, social and ecological issues for multinational companies, construction firms, industry, investors, local authorities, NGOs and energy consumers.

Climate Volunteers initiative’s Knowledge and Implementation partner Regional Environment Center, REC Turkey is an independent, non-profit international organization for Middle and Eastern Europe. The main purpose of REC Turkey is to strengthen Turkey’s capacity in environmental issues in legal, institutional, technical and investment areas, thus to accelerate the process to adapt the EU’s environment acquis. REC Turkey, in order to achieve this goal, is supporting the cooperation, information sharing and public participation in environmental decision making processes between governments, NGOs, private sectors and other environmental shareholders by conducting studies with different financial resources. The fund formed under the Climate Volunteers initiative will be used for projects and studies to combat climate change, to reduce the impacts of climate change and to offer methods to adapt to climate change.