Companies increase their competitive advantage and business performance when they integrate sustainability principles to their strategies, plans and management systems. That is why large, multinational companies made sustainable development an important part of business strategies and create new positions for themselves.

Global climate change, considered to be one of the biggest problems that humanity faces, provides significant opportunities to companies for the reasons mentioned above.

Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases caused by human activities in units of carbon dioxide in terms of environmental impacts and is based on the calculation of greenhouse gases.

If you want to calculate and learn your impact on environment and want to take measures to reduce it contact us.

Contribution to Companies

Increase in sales
Attracts customers seeking environmentally sensitive services.

Cost reduction
Savings in energy costs. Reduction of dependence on fossil fuels with potential supply shortages.

Increase operational efficiency
Reviewing the operational processes increases efficiency and savings in operational costs.

Prepares your company for future mandatory reporting and other regulations.

Making a Difference in the market
Increase awareness about your company and brand’s sustainability and PR opportunities.

Revenue growth
Increase revenue and market share with low carbon products and services.

Stakeholder management
Helps achieve the objectives of corporate social responsibility, increase personnel motivation and attracts investors.