Carbon Strategy is a long term planning process for companies and organizations to calculate, monitor and develop strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon strategies applied will reduce the consumption of energy with increasing prices and scarce resources as well as reducing the carbon emissions. Developing environment friendly strategies increases the brand value and sales of the companies while decreasing the costs in the medium and long term. Since awareness about carbon management has started to increase recently in Turkey, leading companies will have a significant competitive advantage.

Although it is difficult to estimate the size of the developing carbon economy it will be felt by everyone. The organization’s problem solving skills will affect its performance directly and can also determine its value. Researches show that customers and investors are tending towards organizations leading this issue. Carbon lazy organizations (organizations who do not want to be part of the transition to a low carbon economy) will have competitive difficulties to reach to investors and reliable supply chains.

In Turkey there is no obligation to develop low carbon strategies. However, Turkey is a party of the Kyoto Protocol since August 2009 and might have carbon emission reduction commitments after 2017-2020 and it will be inevitable to have legal arrangements and companies might be liable for carbon calculation and reduction.

Key factors for successful carbon management processes:

Calculating carbon footprint is the first step to manage greenhouse gas emissions. Contact us to assess your emission sources and reduction possibilities and the most suitable mitigation measures for your company.