There are projects being developed all around the world that do not emit greenhouse gas emissions or consume the produced greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offsetting is compensates greenhouse gas emissions released with an equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions avoided elsewhere.

Carbon markets refer to the market where carbon credits of greenhouse gas reductions in other words carbon certificates are purchased and sold. Carbon market is an economic, market-based tool and allow the investors to use carbon financing. The carbon market continued to grow exponentially especially after the enactment of Kyoto Protocol in 2005 and reached an emissions reduction of 8.7 billion carbon dioxide equivalent by the end of 2009.

Projects like renewable energy: solar energy, wind turbines, biogas, hydroelectricity, capturing and transforming the methane gas released in landfill to energy, reforestation and energy efficiency produces carbon credits and can be purchased by individuals, organizations and companies who want to offset their emissions. First you need to calculate your carbon footprint for carbon offsetting.

You can contact us to calculate your company carbon footprint or use our calculators for your personal carbon footprint or if you already know your footprint you can support the emission reduction projects we have chosen for you.