Climate change is a global issue and many steps have been taken all around the world to fight against it. Improving the production processes and bold solutions have provided significant benefits to companies and continues to do so. The steps taken to fight against climate change has supported an economic transformation also known as low carbon economy driven by the expansion of energy conservation, development of renewable energy technologies, promotion of the use of innovative and sustainable eco-friendly low carbon energy sources and technologies. The pioneers of this transformation will manage the low carbon economy.


  • Turk Traktor received ISO 50001 and ISO 14064

  • Partnership for Market Readiness Project

  • Climate Change and Turkey Brochure


Climate Volunteers; was founded to raise awareness of small and medium sized corporations and even individuals as well as large corporations and organizations, regarding the level of information on climate change and alter perceptions.

“Climate Volunteers” has started to work to understand our existence’s impact on environment and climate, to learn how to measure these impacts, to be able to talk the same metric language with the World, to learn the measures we can take to decrease our footprint, to be aware of the impacts of different measures, activities and take action about all these issues. You can reach all this information and calculation-evaluation-offsetting services on Climate Volunteers’ website.

The website offers calculation tools developed according to international standards in a wide perspective.