The accumulation of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities, the increasing of global average temperatures have different impacts on the global climate, particularly irregularities in rainfall regimes and these changes affect the existence and distribution of natural sources. This disorder is also reflected in socio-economic structures. In this respect, societies have to work on measures to decrease greenhouse gas emissions as well as adapt to possible future affects if no measures are taken. The main sources of the problem should also be at the center of the solutions. For this reason, the most important steps toward a low carbon economy should be taken in energy efficiency, renewable energy, public transportation, clean production, sustainable agriculture, sustainable urbanization and sustainable land management.

Global investors and manufacturers as well as governments started to consider climate strategies as an environmental responsibility and integrate these strategies to their management systems and corporate strategies.

Climate Volunteers is aware that climate change is a multi-dimensional and complex problem and could lead to important environmental and socio economic consequences. Climate change caused by the effects of these developments threatens the livelyhoods of future generations. As climate volunteers we want to be a part of the transition to a low carbon economy and offer a variety of services to raise awareness for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fight against climate change

Our Services;

You can calculate your personal or company carbon footprint by using the tools on our website, offset your emissions by supporting the carbon emission reduction projects we have chosen for you or contact us for a study specific for your organization.