Product carbon footprint is the evaluation of the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its life cycle and involves all the stages of the voyage from “cradle to grave”. The purpose of this analysis is to compare the environmental performance of products or services and choose the resource efficient one. It helps to identify and calculate the impacts of the processes that require high energy and raw materials in the production and consumption stages.

As a result of globalization, products are developed, diversified and the processes have increased in quantity and quality. In a sense, as a result of globalization economies emerged, while on the other hand the negative affects that cause climate change have occurred. This is the reason why the supply chain is important in the fight against climate change.

Analysis of the production stages will enable the efficient use of scarce resources as well as an opportunity to change these resources with sustainable ones and will be useful to develop environmental friendly production processes.

You can calculate your products Carbon Footprint according to international standards like ISO 14000 series, PAS 2050 or GHG Protocol, determine the most carbon intensive processes and take appropriate action to reduce.


Reducing the carbon footprint and cost savings

Reduction in supplier diversity and number

Identification of vulnerabilities in production processes and increase productivity

Improving energy efficiency

Competitive advantage

Stronger competitive positioning with low carbon products

Sharing your products environmental performance with your shareholders strengthens your green image

Marketing your product is easier on the World markets